Terms and Conditions

The B2B component of Zentropamusic.com is restricted to music professionals who are actively engaged in the licensing and placement of music in film, television, commercial, new media and similar productions. In order to gain access to this area, you must first register. Your request will then be evaluated and a response sent to you within a few days.

Using music from Zentropamusic.com in any film, television programme, commercial or non broadcast production requires a license before first publication/exhibition.

For commercial usage restrictions may apply to certain parts of our repertoire. Therefore, please contact us if you wish to use a track for advertising.

We require the following details in order to process your request: Name of production, type of production, intended usage, track title and track durations for each track used in your production.

On the basis of your request we will provide you with a quote /license.

Your license has no limitation in time unless otherwise stated (in advertising, Internet productions and for telephone switchboards the license is valid one (1) year).

Your license is limited to the territory and number of copies stated in the quote/license.

Your license does not cover public performance and mechanical reproduction which shall be subject to and governed by applicable local copyright societies (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA SACEM, KODA, STIM, TONO, NCB etc.).

Tracks shall only be deemed properly licensed if the invoice we have issued to you has been paid in full.

Failure to report usage of our music is a copyright violation according to existing laws and entails liability.

License is conditioned upon correct reporting and handling of your production’s socalled Music Cue Sheet. A copy of the Music Cue Sheet shall be submitted to us on request.


Akkordeon church of maradona
Scare Me